Our Heritage

Scotland County is a true melting pot. Since its founding, early settlers have augmented the original Lumbee Tribe, including Scots Highlanders, African slaves and their descendants, and antebellum farmers. To these traditional elements, new cultures have been added such as equestriennes drawn by St. Andrews University, and men and women of the U.S. Special Forces and the Army Golden Knights. The county is truly a cultural sampler that represents the true flavor of the rural South,

Our Heritage

The Scottish Highlanders

To understand the fierce independence of the county’s Scottish forebears, it helps to understand the “Forty-Five” and Charles Edward Stuart.

Our Churches

While there are too many houses of worship to detail, the following provides an overview.


African American

Since the beginning of the 1900s, the African-American community has played as vital role in the growth of Scotland County and its economy


The historic center of Scotland County, downtown Laurinburg is a National Register Historic District featuring 50 contributing buildings and businesses.

Lumbee Indian

The Lumbee tribe, with over 50,000 members, is one of the most prominent tribes in the United States.

Our Colleges

Few communities our size offer two institutions of higher education right in our backyard with St. Andrews University and Richmond Community College.

Our Military

Intertwined with all the cultural elements of Scotland County is a unique commitment to America’s military community.

Golden Knights

The U.S. Army Golden Knights Parachute Tram practices daily at the Laurinburg-Maxton Airport. Practice usually runs from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm. Click on the photo to contact them for more information