The John Blue House

Part of the North Carolina Rural Heritage Center, the John Blue House is a magnificent example of Steamboat Gothic architecture.

Constructed 25 years after the end of the Civil War in 1891, John Blue, Sr. (then only 30 years old) – but a successful inventor and manufacturer of farming equipment – designed the home after visiting family in Mississippi where he became intrigued by the riverboats.  Upon his return, he designed the home to reflect this look – including the “bridge” of the home that served as his favorite sitting area.  

Inside there are 12 rooms and 12 exterior doors. The doors display decorative stained glass, a feature of which Mr. Blue was especially proud.  Today over 90% of the original stained glass windows remain intact.  

13040 X-Way Road, Laurinburg
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Exquisite Home

The inside of the John Blue House is preserved to capture the beauty and charm of the original home.