The Old Laurel Presbyterian Church

Possibly no other historic site reflects the culture of our community more than the Laurel Hill Presbyterian Church. Dating back to 1797 This church has been a foundation in our region.

As early as 1832 it was one of the few churches in the south to invite slaves to worship openly with them and was also the first church where freed slaves were welcome.

It also played an interesting role in the Civil War as General Sherman and his troops camped at the church on his march through North Carolina. Visitors can still see the signatures Union soldiers left inscribed in plaster in the church’s tower.

But the church’s most lasting imprint on our community is its congregation led the concept of in-gathering in our county – a soulful practice still observed to this day throughout the Carolinas.

15301 McFarland Rd.,
Laurel Hill

Historic Church and Congregation

This wonderful church and its congregation celebrated their 225 anniversary in the Spring of 2022.