Heritage Village

Nestled in a grove of pecan trees, the John Blue House is the centerpiece of a collection of homesteads that tell the story of a different time in the region. Also part of the North Carolina Rural Heritage Center, Heritage Village is comprised of a series of structures, each of which were first built elsewhere by settlers and farmers in the areas and moved to the grounds for presentation.   From the structures to the homesteads that occupy the land, the grounds provide a glimpse of the culture of the rural Carolinas of the late 1800s.

13040 X-Way Road, Laurinburg


The homesteads that are presented in Heritage Village are from throughout the mid and late1800s. All of there are from elsewhere and were relocated to this location. They are sometimes mis-identified as slave-quarters. However, none were ever slaved quarters, but rather the homes of poor farmers. most all predate the John Blue House which was built 20 years after the Civil War.