Southeast of Laurinburg at junction of SR1610 and SR1609

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The Stewart-Hawley-Malloy House

This important home dates from the 1790s and thus from the earliest days of the Republic. It is the oldest structure in Scotland County, as well as one of the oldest architectural treasures in North Carolina.

Imagine the scene as James Stewart, far from his native Scotland, built the two-story farmhouse from which he would become one of the first statesmen of North Carolina, as well as a member of Congress. This is easily done, because the original part of the house has been restored to historical accuracy, right down to it’s rebuilt window sashes. The house’s north passage has tongue-and-groove boards from four different centuries, revealing the venerable history of the structure.

Another important person was born here, Joseph Roswell Hawley. Hawley would become Senator from Connecticut. In one of history’s ironies, he would eventually command a Union army occupying Wilmington in the Civil War and save his boyhood home from destruction by Sherman!