Hwy 401, Old Wire Rd. & Sallie McNair Rd., Wagram


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Richmond Temperance Hall

This unique building and the society it housed served an important purpose in antebellum society in what is now Scotland County. The Richmond Temperance and Literary Society was founded in 1853 in the Fontcol community (in what was at the time lower Richmond County) with the purpose of elevating the moral and cultural life of the area.

The present hexagonal building was constructed of hand-molded local bricks, and it was within these walls that society members publicly avowed abstinence from strong drink, debated public issues, and shared views of the literature of the age. Notice, at the apex of the roof, is the symbolic upturned chalice mounted on a Holy Bible. Both pieces were reputedly shot down by Sherman’s unruly troops during his Carolinas campaign at the end of the War Between the States.

Inside, a unique symbolism prevailed. The center of the ceiling revealed a field of gold stars, one for each member. As members died, their stars were gilded with silver. Should a member break his pledge of abstinence, his star was instead painted black. (Many stars were discovered with alternating coats of black and gold!)