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The Richmond Mill Pond

Richmond Mill Pond is a 120 acre sandy bottom lake built in 1835 by Charles Malloy. It was used as an energy source, harnessing waterpower for a sawmill. With thousands of gallons of water cascading across the spillway hourly, there was more than enough energy to power the mill.

During the Civil War, an island in the lake was used as a safe haven for local residents, who faced General Sherman's marching onslaught. The island protected livestock and household goods from harm's way until Sherman and his troops moved on.

After the war, a textile mill was built using mill equipment recovered from a sunken blockade runner in Wilmington Harbor. It was at this time that Mark Morgan joined Mr. Malloy as a partner. Over the next century, the 4,000 acres of land was used for lumber and crops. With the lake still being the focal point.

Then at the turn of this century, with textile an option of the past, the Morgan family and corporation made a paradigm shift. Turning the property into a private hunting and fishing club complemented by a complete Conference Center. The result is a state-of-the-art facility that provides award-winning fishing, acclaimed dining, and special events and weddings for corporate and individual clientele that come from across the country.