The Scottish Highlanders

To understand the fierce independence of the county’s Scottish forebears, it helps to understand the “Forty-Five” and Charles Edward Stuart. Although Scots lived in our countryside as early as 1729, the great influx came around the time of the Revolution.

Charles, or “Bonnie Prince Charlie” was also known as the “Young Pretender” and was the focus of an attempt, in 1745, to return the crown of Scotland to the Stuart family. Charles’ own grandfather, James II, had been run out of England in 1688. The result of “the Forty-Five” was several decades-long British repression of those clans – including both Campbells and Stewarts -- who had sided with the rebels.

Many Highlanders chose to emigrate. Two large contingents, surging inland from the Cape Fear region, moved past the previous Cross Creek settlement (later Campbellton) to settle in what later became Scotland County.

The Scottish imprint on the county, whether in the families who remain rooted to the area or in the annual Highland Games, remains strong, independent and proud.