Our Churches

A drive around our towns and countryside reveals far too many houses of worship to detail here. But we can attempt an overview of how the spiritual dimension has defined the Soul of the Carolinas.

The Scots brought Presbyterianism with them wherever they settled, and the Old Laurel Hill Church was the mother of many other congregations in the area. But it wasn’t long before the Second Great Awakening spread across the rural south, bringing Methodism and Baptism. Among the oldest of these churches were the Spring Hill Baptist Church (1820) and Caledonia Methodist Church, dating to 1835.

As black parishioners developed their own congregations from the Old Laurel Hill Church, they formed their own churches, including Cool Springs Methodist Church and Silver Hill Presbyterian Church. In addition, Pennsylvania Quakers moved into the area, congregating around the Rockdale community.

Post-Civil War additions include African Methodist Episcopals, Episcopalians, Latter Day Saints, and many more. All of these influences, united in tolerance, knit our communities together.